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Top News Buzzwords of the Day, WebApp + Alexa Skill

Analyzes headline trends & news channels to produce "BuzzWord of the Day". Personalize perspectives to show Buzzword in #channel, #sports, #business, #technology, #news, #all. Users can save... read more

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The Solution:


  • To gain back wasted time reading through infinite feeds of duplicate / recycled news content 

  • To measure every word mentioned in todays digital media

  • Based on this, to calculate the positive / negative sentiment at scale

  • To hold the media accountable


  • Precision calculation at scale

  • Perfecting AutoScaling & ServerLess

  • Maintaining maximum compute cost efficiency

  • Organizing & Analyzing BigData at scale

Problem Statement:

  • Collecting massive amounts of information from various sources and organizing non-relational data in a relational way is hard. Traditional databases are hard to scale. Crawlers, Parsers & data scrub'ing require skills to develop.

Furthermore, as humans, we "naturally" do these very time consuming activities as we scroll through infinite social media news feeds to absorb our information on a daily basis.

Data Visualization:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and today's advanced Cloud Technology, allow us to build robots which aggregate, organize, analyze, and summarize information at scale.

  • This saves time, the most precious commodity of all.

  • This allows us and other integrated systems, to make informative decisions on a much more larger data set with a wider and broader scope.

Mission: to measure all the words mentioned in the world every day in every city and then to hold people and the media accountable for their speech.


  • slicing, dicing, parsing, crawling, deduping, shard'ing, sorting, classifying, organizing BIG Data at scale in a cost efficient and timely fashion while also maintaining precision & repeatability is difficult.

  • calculating sentiment at many different levels / dimensions is challenging;

  • ** at the mentioned buzzword/keyword level

  • ** then calculating the sentiment of all the related headlines relative to the buzzword

  • ** and calculating the overall channel sentiment

  • ** then measuring sentiment impact at all these levels with precision at scale

Stay tuned! more features coming soon!


Utility Patent Issued AI NLP ML

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