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About Us

Trading Ai In The World

We are a growing Tech AI company working to grow past our competitors. The RoboTrader Platform is a trading platform for all. Using our State of Art Patented AlgoTrading Robot, we strive to make a task as complicated as trading; easy for the everyday user trying to get into trading. Whether you're an experienced trader or a newbie that has never traded a day in their life, RoboTrader has got your back! RoboTrader analyzes over 200+ CryptoCoins daily! Using its Patented Trend Detection, and Sentiment Analysis AI Technology, RoboTrader provides trading advice to guarantee you big wins based on precision calculations. Our Tech outperforms our competition and is the #1 AlgoTrading AI on the market!

What RoboTrader Does For You

Our Powerful Suite of Tools


Schedule Trading Positions 

AutoTrade Enable/ Disabaler

BUY/SELL AlgoTrading Logic

Trading Strategy Builder UX

Use of Working Pre-made Trading Strategies

Schedule Signals & Credits

Stop Loss/ Stop Win Logic Builder UX

Stop Win/Loss Calculations to the Decimal point.



Position Manager

Signal Manager - BUY/SELL SIGNALS

Signal Credits Manager

Infinite Trading Capabilities!

RoboTrader adds a fun gaming element to trading!

RoboTrader's Strategy builder converts human created strategies into robotically managed Algo-Trading positions in the market! You don’t need to be a wizard to use our trading tools, build & execute a sophisticated trading strategy at your finger tips.

Strategy Builder UI/UX

RoboTrader's Strategy builder provides rich features like never before seen. Using RoboTrader's sophisticated Algo-Trading calculations you can precisely position your buys in the market! You don’t need to be a trading master to use our tools, build & execute a sophisticated trading strategy to prevent big losses and have a higher chance of winning! 

Stop Loss/ Win Logic UX

Prevent big losses and guarantee bigger wins by familiarizing yourself with our Strategy Builder's strong AlgoTrading capabilities. Have a higher chance of winning by setting stop win/loss positions!! 

RoboTrader Analyzes Over 200+ Crypto Coins on the Daily!

RoboTrader Allows You to Get Ahead of The Market, To Guarantee Higher Win Rates!!


Invest Securely

At RoboTrader we prioritize our members’ security and privacy. Our robust information security framework seeks to protect you and your personal information at all times. Your portfolio is secure with us!

We keep your data secure

Our security frameworks protect you using encrypted data and many firewalls to ensure stability and security for our users.

We protect your personal information

Our users personal information is kept in our systems at the highest level of security protection, to ensure our users with a secure user friendly experience on our platform. Trade with confidence using our platform! 

What We Aren't

Some mystical trading tech that guarantees 100% win rate on your trades. The Trading market has many factors to consider, and is constantly volatile. Trading is at your discretion, and at your own risk.

Quick Links


Visit our revolutionary trading platform! We guarantee you'll love it! RoboTrader's sophisticated trading platform has all the trading tools you will need to make big wins! Click below to find out more.

Visit RoboTrader's Business platform! We provide sentiment analysis for the public to view! RoboTrader calculates the state of our world based off precision algorithmic analysis. RoboTrader's Business version will help you make informed decisions to make your next moves in any industry.

Enable our Alexa Skill! Say "Alexa Buzz Words". Our Ai proceeds to tell you the top buzzwords of today across tons of different topics or news channels! RoboTrader's Ai reads news outlets all over the internet for you, and sums up the top buzzwords of the day! Gain back all the time wasted scrolling through infinite news feeds, and get updated instantly. Easiest way to get yourself up to speed.

Learn more about RoboTrader! Our Patented High-Tech Ai product is ready to be used. We are looking for sharks to bring to the table. Take a look at our investor deck! Click below to find out more.

Contact us about investment opportunities, our brand has the growing potential to be a multi-million dollar scalable business. Take a look at our investor deck! Click below to find out more.

Visit our company Linkedin page to learn more about RoboTrader! Click below and drop us a follow. ; )


  • Collecting massive amounts of information from various sources and organizing non-relational data in a relational way is hard. Traditional databases are hard to scale. Crawlers, Parsers & data scrub'ing require skills to develop.

  • Slicing, dicing, parsing, crawling, deduping, shard'ing, sorting, classifying, and organizing BIG Data at scale in a cost efficient and timely fashion while also maintaining precision & repeatability is difficult.

  • Calculating sentiment at many different levels / dimensions is challenging; at the mentioned buzzword/keyword level, then calculating the sentiment of all the related headlines relative to the buzzword.

  •  Then to calculate the overall channel sentimentthen measuring sentiment impact at all these levels with precision at scale

Our Mission

Is to beat and out number our competitors, by getting our Ai Trading Tech on the market, for public use. We strive to bring global awareness to our Patented product and get our name out there!

Buzzwords Mission: To measure all the words mentioned in the world across all media platforms every day, and to hold people and the media accountable for their speech.

Data Visualization:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and today's advanced Cloud Technology, allow us to build robots which aggregate, organize, analyze, and summarize information at scale.

  • This saves the most precious commodity of all, time.

  • This allows us and other integrated systems, to make informative decisions on a much more larger data set with a wider and broader scope.


Goals & Motivation:

  • User Friendly Multi- Tenant Trading Platform

  • Trading Stocks & ForEX

  • Precision AlgoTrading Calculations at scale

  • Perfecting AutoScaling & ServerLess

  • Organizing & Analyzing BigData at scale

  • Maintaining maximum compute cost efficiency

  • Efficiently save time, instead of reading through infinite feeds of duplicate / recycled news content 

  • To measure every word mentioned in todays digital media, and based on the calculations to calculate the positive / negative sentiment at scale

Stay tuned! more features coming soon!


Utility Patent Issued AI NLP ML

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