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Cryptocurrency Stocks

The Money Maker!

This is a High Frequency Trading Robot, including precision math that is designed to the infinity scale. Built to move millions and trade billions! This technology Is business intelligent, understands sentiment analysis, trades automatically within milliseconds, unlimitedly multi-threaded parallel execution, using precision calculations at sub second frequencies. With so many more features!!

Our Trusted Methods


A computer program that follows a defined set of instructions to trade by multiple trades by the millisecond on an infinite scale.


Our technology simplifies financial transactions for our consumers and businesses. Intended to store and protect your data securely, on our trusted network.

Hedgefund Trading 

The program makes many trades by the second, investing in many different stocks and making trades faster on an infinite scale.

How It Works

Precision Math
at Scale

Voice Interface

Robotic News Analysis

Precision Calculations at Sub Second Frequency

Automated Millisecond Trading 

Trend Detection

Data Visualization

Floating Point & Decimal Precision Calculations at Scale

Move Millions,
Trade Billions

News Understanding

Sentiment Analysis 

(Positive || Negative)

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Designed to infinitely scale

Business Intelligence (BI)

High Frequency Trading Robot

Unlimited, multi-threaded, parallel execution

Unlimited Horizontal & Vertical scaling

View Live Trader

See live result before your own eyes, Our program's capability is built to work at capacity and make you money! RoboTrader will be your trading partner and bestfriend!

Patent Issued

Utility Patent Issued

Visit Our Patent Page

We have a Utility Patent issued for this Artificial Intelligence. Today's advanced Cloud Technology, allows us to build robots which aggregate, organize, analyze, and summarize information at scale. View our patent below!

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